Northwest Nazarene University

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media

About the Program

Digital Media is an interdisciplinary degree that will provide you with a comprehensive foundation ready to respond to the ever-changing environment of media communication. Through the core requirements, you will build a strong understanding of digital communication. You will have the opportunity to choose from two areas of concentration in Animation, Audio Engineering, Graphic Design, Marketing, New Media, Storytelling, Video and Film, Visual Culture Studies, Web Development, and Writing. Digital Media is in the Department of Art & Design and works closely with the Departments of Business; Communication Studies; Language, Literature and Cultural Studies; Mathematics and Computer Science; and Music.

In today’s ever-changing technological world, there is high demand for skilled individuals to create and edit information through a variety of media platforms. By pursuing a career in digital media, you will be prepared to embrace a career as a video editor, copywriter, social media manager, digital artist and content producer.

  • Accessible, well-qualified instructors will support you in each course
  • An average completion timeline of 18+ months after fulfillment of core requirements
  • Attention to essential skills for remaining current in the field

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Ian Rohnert

My time here has taught me more about myself and more about the world I live in. It has given me a good sense of my role in the world, what I want to do, what kind of mark I want to leave as my legacy. I really try to make a positive change in the world through my design work.

Ian Rohnert

Visual Arts Major