The value of living on campus: A resident director perspective

April 12, 2016

Living on campus at NNU is a good deal when you look at the numbers, but it is also a great value for all that it provides to your social and emotional growth. NNU’s freshman RD’s, Jessica Novello and Roman Lyon, know first hand the benefits of on-campus living.

Jessica says, “It can sometimes be hard to put words to exactly what the cost of housing gets you, and while it is the ‘brick and mortar’ shelter you'll call home, it's so much more of an experience and an opportunity.”

Roman and Jessica share five reasons they think living on campus is the best!

1. Friendships—“One of the most special things about living in the residence hall is the tight knit, familial relationship created among wing mates. As the year progresses, the wings grow together and the bonds created are really tight.” —Jessica Novello

2. Random Activities—“Half of the fun about living on campus is all of the random stuff that happens in the dorms. You never know when a group of students will start an all-out Nerf gun war, decide to go get dollar shakes at Blazen Burger, or pile into someone's room and watch a movie.” —Roman Lyon

3. Location—“Another value of living on campus is the close proximity to everything! You're steps away from the Dex, your classes, friends ... when else in your life will everything be so centrally located? It's really nice to be able to walk everywhere you need to get!” —Jessica Novello

4. Planned Activities—“One of the things Roman and I work really hard to do is create a lot of opportunities for connection. Relationships are built in all different types of moments, and we want there to be endless opportunities for friendships to be built and developed.”—Jessica Novello

“Wing Dings are when a wing from one dorm goes and does an activity with a wing from another dorm (usually a girl wing and a guy wing). Activities can include going mini golfing, seeing a dollar movie, hiking at Jump Creek or doing a scavenger hunt in downtown Boise.” —Roman Lyon

5. Community—“Living in the dorms allows you to spend extra time with your peers outside of a classroom setting. You'll get to know just about everyone in the dorm because you live so close to them. This is great for creating the tight-knit community that those at NNU have come to know and love.” —Roman Lyon