Meet Michelle

March 9, 2015

Michelle Haynes ('13) was married and working full time during her first stint at college. She ended up leaving because the benefits just didn’t seem worth the time and sacrifice she was making to go to school. But after taking a year off to work, she felt road blocked in her career without a degree.

Not wanting to return to her original college, but rather looking for a more personal experience, she started at Northwest Nazarene University as a business administration major in the traditional undergraduate program.

Michelle enjoyed the face-to-face experience of getting to know the faculty and joining the SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) Club. She says, "The value of my time at NNU was not just the education but the influencers, the professors who helped make me a more well-rounded and more thoughtful person. NNU introduced me to people that made a significant impact on my thought processes."

NNU is forward thinking, community minded and focused on investing in students and their respective futures
In 2012, those NNU connections led to an internship with an innovative global software development company called InTimeTec. That internship quickly turned into a full-time job offer as a marketing strategist. Michelle knew this was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up, but working full time, being married, and going to school in a traditional program was once again an overwhelming prospect.

Fortunately, NNU offered the flexibility she needed. Michelle could complete the same degree, with the same influential professors, through an accelerated program that offered classes in the evenings or online.

During this time, she and her husband had also started a small business together, Rolling H Cycles. She is the accountant for the business on top of her work at InTimeTec. She was able to balance these growing responsibilities and finish her degree in part because NNU offered the program delivery options that fit her changing life.

She says of her NNU experience and the career trajectory it helped put her on, "I love my company for some of the same reasons I liked NNU. InTimeTec is forward thinking, operates with a high level of integrity, and does what is in the best interest of it’s employees, clients and the community. NNU shares similar characteristics—being that it is forward thinking, community minded and focused on investing in students and their respective futures."