Meet Maggie

March 11, 2015

Your freshman year of college is a time of growth, change and invaluable moments.

Margarita—Maggie—Alcaraz, a social work major from Caldwell, Idaho, is just one of the freshmen this year at NNU who has jumped right into the community and soaked up every moment in front of her, knowing each experience that comes her way is valuable. In a time of adjusting to block schedules, community living and homework loads, Maggie has found NNU to be not only an amazing and rewarding experience, but one she knows she couldn’t find anywhere else.

“This has been an amazing and rewarding experience that I know I wouldn’t get anywhere but at NNU."
Maggie, a girl who is not only a full time student, but an Ambassador, member of Bella Voca, and participant in the spring musical (pictured above), has not let a moment pass her by. She realizes that the value of NNU not only lies in the opportunities that are presented to her, but also in all of the support along the way,

“Every single part of NNU has helped me, from professors solidifying my dreams and goals, to appointments with financial aid to help me find ways to pay for college, to my RA who is always there to talk and hangout.”

Closing in on her first year at NNU, Maggie sees the value of NNU emphasizing student’s spiritual transformation, “I know I am closer to my faith here than if I had gone anywhere else. NNU looks at the whole picture; everything they require is intended to stretch you.”

Maggie’s involvement won’t end this year. She enjoys being busily involved with all the goings-on around campus and plans to apply to be a Ford RA next year.

“This has been an amazing and rewarding experience that I know I wouldn’t get anywhere but at NNU. I am happy to be here.”

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