How we give financial aid at NNU

February 5, 2016

by Ann Thompson-Crabb, Director of Financial Aid

Figuring out how much it is going to cost for your son or daughter to attend college is not easy. You can find the cost of tuition and room and board on every college’s website, but just like buying a car, no one really pays full price. Financial aid reduces how much of the college cost you are responsible for paying. Though you really can’t haggle over price with your financial aid officer like you can with a used car salesman, being well informed will help you find the most money to defray the price of college.

At NNU, two things trigger your financial aid officer to start acting on your behalf. The first step is for your student to be accepted to NNU by the admission team. Much of the paperwork required for admission is also used by the financial aid team. High school or college transcripts, ACT or SAT exam scores, and specific answers on the application all help us get you the best financial aid package.

The admission materials drive the financial aid that will be given to you directly from NNU. The many scholarships offered by NNU help to bridge the tuition gap and create affordability. To see what your student might qualify for, go to

Once your student has been accepted, his or her academic scholarship and any other qualifying scholarships will be added directly to his or her financial aid package.

The second item that is important to the financial process is the completion of the FAFSA at This 105-question beast is daunting to tackle, but a couple of hours invested in this endeavor can reap thousands of dollars in aid. The FAFSA opens the door to federal financial aid. By cuing in on family size, total income, assets and the number of household members in college, the FAFSA determines your family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Your family’s EFC will determine whether you are eligible for need-based aid such as Pell and Supplemental grants, federally subsidized loans or federal work study funds. Filling out the FAFSA automatically makes your student eligible to receive a federal unsubsidized loan regardless of your EFC. Federal loans carry a low interest rate and do not have to be paid back until six months after graduation. Once the NNU financial aid team receives your FAFSA, the federal aid you qualify for will also be automatically added to your financial aid package.

​We try to make financial aid at NNU easy for you. To discover how affordable an NNU education can be, try our Net Price Calculator. It’s easier than buying a car and will be a much better long-term investment.