Northwest Nazarene University

Doctor of Psychology

About NNU's Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

The PsyD program is designed to be a dual entry-point 4- or 5-year program, accommodating those entering directly from a psychology BA program or those with an MA degree in a social science field.

The full 5-year program, for those entering directly from a psychology BA program, consists of 121 credits—4 years of coursework and a dissertation, with a final pre-doctoral internship year. Those entering with an MA degree bypass the first year, allowing for a second entry-point into the PsyD program.

  • Convenient course delivery—classes are held in late afternoons/evenings and weekends to make it easier to work around your busy schedule
  • Strong community support—program utilizes a cohort model, which increases support and camaraderie among the students
  • Two entry points—program design allows you to enter the program either post-bachelor’s degree or post-master’s degree with a typical 4-5 year completion time

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Antonio "DEL" De La Torre

Early on in my academic journey I realized that the NNU community really cared about your success—and not just in the classroom setting. Everyone at NNU wants to see you grow in all aspects of your life. The professors care about you both in and out of their classroom. I wasn’t just “another student” but a valuable member of the NNU community.

Antonio "DEL" De La Torre

NNU Graduate Student