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Graduate Certificate

About our Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Graduate certificates provide a quick and transcriptable way to show your competency in a given business discipline. Enhance your resume and expand your potential with a 9-month commitment that yields big results.

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics will prepare you to analyze and apply data to your industry and direct your company toward solutions. Align your goals and outcomes, interpret data, and use metrics to inform your decision-making. The path to success doesn’t have to be a guessing game – when you leverage the tools available, you can track and predict results with more precision.

High-Quality Program

  • ACBSP Accreditation means that NNU’s Business programs are regularly evaluated by this international organization. In order to maintain accreditation, NNU is required to constantly assess, evaluate and improve our programs.
  • NWCCU is our regional accreditor.
  • Professors who teach in our programs have professional experience in the business world and use that experience to inform their teaching.
  • Faculty and staff are available to support students and willing to take the extra time to help each student succeed.
  • NNU’s Graduate Business program has been training professionals for over 25 years through the MBA degree, and we have a reputation for producing high-quality ethical leaders. Program Outcomes
  • Students will identify, analyze, and evaluate the ethical aspects of the business environment and be able to articulate an ethical framework from which they will make sound decisions.
  • Students will demonstrate competency in the foundational concepts and practices of a specific area of business (based on certificate program selected).
  • Students will demonstrate advanced knowledge of theoretical and practical applications of a specific area of business (based on certificate program selected).
  • Students will develop critical thinking abilities and be able to demonstrate effective analytical and problem solving skills using a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches.
  • Less than $9000 for tuition, books and fees for the complete program
  • 4 to 9 months to completion
  • 12 credits over four courses
  • Fully online for your convenience

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Stephanie Renk

What I loved the best about [NNU's] professors is they were experts in their field. Generally, you might get a professor at other schools that they teach—they enjoy teaching, but never have actually had real world experience, and that wasn't the case. For business law, we had a lawyer. For accounting, we had a guy that was in finance and accounting firm… My last professor… had 20-plus years of experience in management.

Stephanie Renk

2019 MBA Graduate